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Biometric Based HRM (Human Resource Management)

Biometric technologies are used for analyzing and measuring personal characteristics, both behavioral and physiological. The characteristics measured include irises, hand measurements, voice patterns, fingerprints and others, all used for identifying human characteristics for verifying a person’s identity.
These characteristics, or biometrics, are very tightly connected to a person and cannot be stolen, shared, forgotten or easily hacked. The characteristics used can help to uniquely identify a person, which replaces or works to supplement the traditional security methods used. Biometrics offer two primary improvements:

  • Personal information is not able to be stolen
  • Individuals no longer have to memorize codes or passwords
When it comes to a business’s HR department, the implementation of biometrics offers a number of additional benefits, which can make their job easier.


Biometric technology offers employees an unparalleled means of knowing what employees are doing and when they are doing it. If someone is in charge of a large group, they will know, without a doubt, who is present at any given point in time. Biometrics help to make the attendance of employees completely transparent and restricts cases of attendance fraud.

Saves Time

The use of biometric devices also works to save quite a bit of time. When HR personnel has to manage attendance manually, it can be quite time-consuming. With a biometric device in place, all employees have to do is scan their fingerprint, hand or another body part when they come or leave. Their total time for the day is automatically calculated by the system. When an employer needs to know anything about time and attendance, they can quickly and easily download a comprehensive report from the machine. There are some types of software that work with these systems allowing employers to see the attendance of some employees in their system in as little as 10 seconds.

Saves Money

When a business installs a biometric device, it is a one-time investment that an employer makes that will cater to their time and attendance needs for years. This means employers do not need to hire a person to manage attendance and will not have to worry about cases of fake attendances any longer. Installing a biometric device will not only make things easier for the employers but also their HR department and save the entire business money.

Enhance Puntuality

When biometric devices are used by a business, they can help to enhance the punctuality of workers. When employees realize they are no longer able to fake their attendance, it will prompt them to reach the office on time each day. This helps to increase productivity since employees are sure to work the number of hours they have been assigned.

Increased Efficiency for Employee Maintenance

When it comes to creating a work schedule and extra hours or overtime are available, HR managers can easily run a report to see who is on-time, working late and putting in extra. This will help them know who deserves the extra time for the week. This makes the entire scheduling process much easier and efficient.

Makes Absence Management a Breeze

When biometric time and attendance clocks are used, an HR department will have a much easier time managing employee absences. In fact, it can be integrated with the company’s human resources software, allowing it to be directly linked to payroll. With a built-in absence tracking system, the payroll can be adjusted accordingly and automatically, without much input from HR personnel. Also, when someone is absent, the software can determine who is not scheduled so someone can easily be called in, reducing the interruption in workflow.