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POS (Point On Sale) on Billing Software

A point of sale system is a combination of software and hardware that allows merchants to take transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations
Shoppers today look forward to a greater exit experience as much as the in-store experience. Unmatched billing speed aided with integration to all POS accessories.
Operate your business on cloud without installing a Point of sale software, keep your business market ready, have critical business reports delivered to you 24x7 with web based POS.

Now travelers need less hand-holding and more knowledge with higher service levels. This means business models are changing in every link of the travel service chain and the travel technologies that sufficed twenty – or even ten – years ago simply won’t do the job anymore.

Just Billing Free Retail POS is a simple, yet comprehensive billing point of sale software that automates your business. This intuitive Retail POS app makes purchasing, inventory, payments, expenses and customer management easy, alongside billing and invoicing.

Needs of POS Billing

  • Peak hour sales, festival season crowd needs no extra hands & efforts. Mobile app SellSmart, can help you bill on the move.
  • Take payments with ease - cash, card, coupon, gift voucher, part-cash, part-card payment & more. Card swipe integration to bill faster.
  • Design and print barcode labels. Print purchase price in barcode as alphanumeric. Issue quotation, proforma, follow-up & do more sales .
  • Exchange old for new, different prices for same item, customizable tax options i.e. TAX on MRP/Selling rate - predefine them or manage from bill screen also.
  • Dayone- bill instantly from the day installation is complete. Billing will not stop even when main computer is down, uninterrupted 'Offline billing' provides peace of mind.
  • Complete customer history in click of a button. Surprise customers with instant free offers, item discounts with shortcuts keys in the billing screen itself .